Hi there! Welcome to my new blog, The Disney Addict! I’m excited to start this new blog. You might know me from my other blog, Losing It! where I journal my journey in living a healthier life. I have been wanting to do a Disney blog for a LONG time now but I just figured, what would I talk about? Would I ever post anything? So I’ve kicked the idea around and now I’m just going with it. Disney has been on my mind a lot lately because we are going to Disneyland in a couple of weeks and I am so stoked because this will be my first experience going at Christmastime.

To get started, I’ll give you a little background on our family’s love of Disney. My dad was lucky enough to go on family trips to Disneyland quite often from the summer that it opened in 1955. My dad was 10 at the time and he often would talk about how things have changed over the years. My mom would tell me when we’d go to Disneyland he’d have tears in his eyes the first day of our trip just walking down Main Street.  He collected several books and nick nacs from some of his trips there that I have now (he passed away about 4 years ago from Leukemia which you can read about in past posts around that time on my other blog).  He passed down that love of Disney to me.

While my mom enjoys Disneyland and on a rare occasion, watching a Disney movie, she doesn’t share the passion I have.  And that’s okay.  She really only went 1 or 2 times before she met my dad in 1980. Some people just aren’t into it. My brother on the other hand couldn’t care less about any of it.  He’d like to bring his son there but other than that, nothing… Luckily I have quite a few friends who are just as much into it as I am so I can let it out every now and then.

I belong to a Disney club that is a charter of The Disneyana Club and they meet every month.  I’ve only been to 1 meeting, but I’ve been to several of their off groups, a book club and health living group.

Anyway, that’s about it but I might get into a little more detail on the About Me page so check back soon if you want to read more…

As far as where this blog is headed, I’m not quite sure what I’ll talk about. I’ll probably do some reviews here and there, talk about news throughout Disney, and just random moments when I need to talk about Disney.  Predominantly it’ll be Disneyland related, I’ve never been to Disney World although I’d like to go at one time in my life more to see Epcot and Animal Kingdom than anything else.

So for now, I’ll leave it at that, and look forward to working more on this blog.


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