Disney’s Malificent Review and Neverland Disney Meetup

Sorry this is late but if I figured better late than never! Back on May 31st, I went with my Disney group to see Maleficent at the theatre down the street. I was really looking forward to seeing this movie. It made me a fan of Angelina Jolie again. (I was a fan before the whole Jennifer Aniston thing but that’s another topic for another day and another blog…) I really enjoyed it but I’ll delve further when I get into the review.

We didn’t have a huge group, there were about 15 of us or so. We always go the Saturday after a movie opens and the first showing so you save a few bucks. The person that leads our group encouraged everyone to wear purple and black as they seem to be Maleficent’s signature colors. (I would throw green in there too but that’s just me) I was looking all over the place for something to wear, I looked at Disneybounding ideas and just looked for purple and black clothes at different stores online to get ideas. I went to Torrid because they usually have some edgier clothing and ended up getting a white t-shirt with Maleficent on it (shown below) which I liked (the one pictured in the lunch buddies meeting in the last post). I liked the pink and black of the graphics. It was a little big on me and it’s a “standard” type t-shirt that isn’t very flattering I guess but it was comfortable and I could wear it at my Disney meetings and just out in general anyway.

A few days later we were at another mall in our area for other reasons and we walked by the Disney store and I happened to glance (I try to refrain from walking through every time we’re in a mal with a Disney store just to be there, not even to buy something because I don’t want to drive my family crazy.) and saw a Maleficent movie display at the back of the store and decided to just take a look to see what they had and found a cute tank top that goes down to points at the sides. You can see from the picture below what it looks like.


I loved it and I’m happy I got it for the movie. So I wore that with some black capris, put on some purple eye shadow, purple nail polish, and purple jewelry and I was all set to go. I found our group in the theatre and they had a raffle for a couple of prizes which I ended up winning one of. I won the first which was a Maleficent pin.


I am excited because I collect pins (not that I have a ton but I do enjoy them and want to find a way to display them so they aren’t thrown around or just hiding away somewhere) and it was a perfect addition to my collection.

Now for the movie itself. I really enjoyed it. The acting was very good and I loved the graphics. The land that Maleficent lived in was beautiful. I supposed you’d think of it as a typical fantasy type land with fairies and all other sort of creatures. Lots of color and nature. Very magical. I don’t want to get too far into the storyline because I don’t want to spoil it but it basically is her point of view of what happened from growing up through cursing Aurora and through to the end. I’ve read some negative reviews of the movie and I’ve heard people didn’t like that they essentially made her look less like a villain but it’s just a movie. It’s not a real life story and I thought it was a great refreshing twist to the classic Sleeping Beauty storyline.

I saw some good messages for young girls in it as well that I don’t want to go into (spoilers) which made me happy. I’m glad that my future daughter(s) (If I ever have any) will have some more empowering stories to grow up with in their generation. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and I’m sorry I didn’t get into more detail but I want to be vague enough that I don’t give anything away but if you’ve been wanting to see it, I highly recommend it. I already told a few of my friends that are planning to see it that I’d be happy to come along if they want a buddy.



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