Last Two Disney Meetings

I’ve come to realize I haven’t talked much about the Neverland Disney club meetings and meet ups I have been to since March.  I have been to two meetings and one meet-up since then so I thought I’d give a little recap of those events and I do have a post I finished for the meet-up in which we saw Maleficent so I’ll post that seperately after this since I have a review for it (even though it’s not at most theatres anymore… Oops…) I just needed to add pictures to it!

So, first on the list is April’s meeting called Neverland Midway Mania in which we played minute to win it style games.  Each family had to bring one game and since I was by myself, I had to figure out something on my own.  I went more of the Disney themed route than the physicalness of the actual Minute to Win It style games… I made a game called “Hum That Disney Tune.”


It was pretty popular actually.  There were quite a few games and instead of actually sticking to the minute rules we all just played with the games and everyone got a ticket after for a raffle prize.  It was a lot of fun.





I’m in the gray shirt with the light brown hair.



Trying to pick mini marshmallows up one at a time and put in the chinese food boxes.


I had to skip May’s which was the Newlywed Game Disney style. Instead of asking newlywed questions, they were asked questions about favorite Disney things. I’m sad I had to mis that one…

June’s meeting was the Lunch Buddies meeting.  Everyone who fills out a card with their name, favorite picnic foods, and favorite Disney and Non-Disney topics.  I made a Captain America shield round box and filled it with the foods he listed including, chicken strips, BBQ chips, grapes, snickers bites, and a Dr. Pepper although I wish I had added more food because he’s around 10ish and I don’t think I gave him enough. I’m not familiar with how much growing boys eat…


I got Minnie Mouse’s house which was adorable.  It was complete with Minnie Mouse and me peaking out of the windows and came with a turkey sandwich, crackers, grapes, strawberries, cookies, and a water bottle.


It was fun and in a beautiful location.


So far I’m planning on going to this month’s meeting but I’m not 100% sure if I can make it as it is the day after my birthday, but if I do, I will definitely tell you about it.

I am excited to tell you I will have an upcoming day trip I will post about as I am going to the Walt Disney Family Museum to see their special exhibit on Mary Blair on my birthday.  I am so excited. I love her artwork and style, and they are playing a movie about Disneyland’s role in the 1964 World’s Fair all throughout July so I am going to try to get in to see that too.  I’m also excited because you can take pictures in there now so it will be a photo update for those of you who have never been to the Walt Disney Family Museum in the Precedio in San Francisco.

I also went to see the dress rehearsal for Mary Poppins at the Wells Fargo Pavilion in Downtown Sacramento on Monday and I’m working on a review for that too.


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