BIG News!

Sorry for having such a long hiatus from the blog. I am working on a recap of the Disney meetings I have been to between my last post and now and a post of my loot from my last trip to Disneyland (which wasn’t really a trip TO Disneyland, we just happened to go one day while we were visiting my cousin), and I’m coming up with more ideas so I’m writing here more frequently.

So guess what?  I just got invited to go on a trip to DISNEY WORLD including a 4 day trip on a DISNEY CRUISE in June. I’m so freaking excited I can’t even express it properly.  Never in a million years did I think I would do either of those things.  I have all of these questions going on in my head on what I need, what I have to prepare to do, what I need to get, etc.  I got my days in already and it’s all official.

My aunt and two of our cousins went in to AAA to just talk about it and they just went with and my aunt called me up and asked if I would like to go and the rest is history. We have a 4 day park hopper and a 4 night cruise.  There is so much to plan but I will keep you all updated on our itinerary and I’m working on a long update of the past Neverland Disney meeting’s I have attended that should be up soon, but for now I have to get off to bed since I’m heading to the Bay Area for a baby shower tomorrow!

Good night!!!


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