More Disney Planning

So… We got together with the cousins yesterday and they do things differently than what I’m used to, so it dawned on me that I’m going to have to be creative with planning what days were spending at each park! 

That being said, I just need to accept that I can’t do everything I want to do in four days SO I am going to make a wish lists for each of the parks and the cruise and rate them from absolutely must do’s to I’d love to but I can skip it.  

Being a newby with Florida like I am, I figured we would probably do one day per park but they were saying (and a couple of friends of mine agreed) that you need at least a full day and 1/2 if you really want to experience Epcot. My cousins told me too we could skip Magic Kingdom since “it’s exactly like Disneyland.” but I can’t miss the Magic Kingdom. I need 1 day there.  Most of my can’t misses are there.  

I want to get more tips from friends that have been before but I heard from a couple of people you could get Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios done in 1/2 days so if that is the case, maybe we could do Animal Kingdom in the morning 1/2 and Hollywood Studios the 1/2 half of one of the days and that would open up a day to maybe split between Epcot and Magic Kingdom again or to go do something else, I don’t know. Again, newby here.  

I do want to get at least an hour or two in Downtown Disney so when I go see my aunt again (which will before getting back together with our cousins) I may check with her to see if we should do that the day we embark on the cruise since our embark time is 3:45 so it would leave the morning to maybe head over there to have breakfast and do some last minute shopping.

Either way, I want to get at least a little time in there and I’m definitely going to do my research and get those wish lists going.  

Another thing my cousins aren’t crazy about are Fastpasses but they aren’t experienced with them and I have more knowledge of using them at Disneyland so I think they are open to me scheduling the Fastpass times (if we decide on a plan of attack for the 4 main parks) at least for the major rides that we don’t want to miss.

So, that’s where I’m at now. 

I got a lot done on the Disney Binders but it’s still in rough draft mode but I can’t wait to get them finished to show you all! I’m really excited to make them!  It’ll be a fun little memento for the trip and I want to make sure they are nice enough that they can be a souvenir after the trip.

And one thing I wanted to mention that is off the topic of the planning part (well sort of but not really), I saw this idea on Pinterest to buy Dollar Store photo albums, the ones that are the size of a 6×4 or 5×7 picture and bring index cards that fix the album sleeves and have Disney Characters sign those and make each page of the album a picture of you with the character on one side and the signature on the other. I’m not a big character person when we go to Disneyland because you have to wait in long lines to greet them so it’s something to think about for the Disney World/ Disney Crusie trip! 

Okay I’ll leave it there but I have some great ideas I learned on Pinterest for things to do on the Cruise so I will look forward to sharing those soon too! Just need to mention it to my aunt to see if she’s interested and I’ll go from there!


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