Disney World/Disney Cruise Day 1- Journey to Florida

I am back from my trip! I can’t believe it came and went so fast! It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

We left Sacramento International Airport on June 10th in the morning. We have a cute small airport in Sacramento and it’s very easy to navigate. We went out of the newer terminal which I have never been in before and they had a beautiful chandelier in the food area near outer gate.

IMG_0091 We had one stop in Las Vegas but we didn’t have to get off of the plane but we didn’t get to Orlando until close to 9 at night. With the 3 hour difference that was roughly 8ish hours of flying.

The airport had different stores for the main attractions in the Orlando area including Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, and the Kennedy Space Center. IMG_0092

There is also a big Hyatt Hotel right in the middle of the airport.  IMG_0094_2

We wandered around the airport a little bit trying to figure out how to get to Disney’s Magical Express and finally found a sign pointing the way.


Couple minutes later, more signs…


Couple more minutes, and we finally got to Disney’s Magical Express.


We got outside and in line to get on the bus and I got my first experience with humidity.  I realize why the rest of the country thinks Californians are weather wimps… They do don’t they? I’ll never complain about humidity in California ever again.  Not even when at the ocean!


About a half hour later we got to the Walt Disney World Resort and two stops later we were at our hotel.  We stayed near Epcot at the Boardwalk Inn.


The hotel is beautiful!


IMG_0043IMG_0042 The hotel is split between the Inn side and the Villas for DVC members which I am not one but if I ever won the lottery I most certainly would be!


Finally we got inside an air-conditioned much drier room.



They had a little area with pamphlets and a miniature model of one of Disney’s ships which we would be on in 5 days!


The lobby was big and the them of this hotel is turn of the century Atlantic City and I loved the architecture. IMG_0051

IMG_0060While checking in they gave me a First Visit button, my cousins got Anniversary buttons for their 60th (yes, 60th!) wedding anniversary, and my aunt got a celebrate button for her retirement.

I loved the lobby. It’s so beautiful!


Nice relaxing seating area by a fireplace which wasn’t necessary for June but they had it on anyway…





The carousel on top of the circular sofa moved every 15 minutes.

The chandelier above the sofa was really cool!

IMG_0106After checking in, we went down the hall to the elevator.

There were beautiful paintings on the wall that reminded me of a Thomas Kinkaid painting.

IMG_0112_2 IMG_0111

There is a bar/breakfast area on the way to the elevators.


There was a beautiful curio cabinet in the elevator waiting area.


We were on the first floor (the lobby is technically the second floor because the boardwalk itself is lower than the entrance to the hotel) and WAY down the hallway almost to the end of the hotel it seemed.

IMG_0116_2We finally got to our adjoining rooms and they were very spacious and I saw the famous Mickey Ears  towel laying on one of the beds.  IMG_0062

I want to learn how to make these!

IMG_0120_2Wall art of postcards of Mickey and Minnie’s travels. IMG_0088

IMG_0071We had a flat screen TV with a couple of USB plebs below it to charge electronics. We didn’t turn the TV on once.  IMG_0063

IMG_0064I love the Minnie Mouse Lamp on the desk.


Hidden Mickey on the desk leg.

IMG_0080More Hidden Mickeys on the sconces between the beds.

Boardwalk Curtains


Our patio.


Bathroom Sink area.

IMG_0117I love the ferris wheel pattern on the shower curtain.


I like the blue and green tiles in the shower too.

IMG_0086After getting our luggage and everything settled in the rooms we set off to see if there was any place open to get something to eat because we were starving!

The back part of the hotel opens out onto the boardwalk.

IMG_0138There was an adorable floral display of Lady and the Tramp from the area in the picture above.


IMG_0140Even though it was night-time and almost 11:00 pm, it was still hot out and incredibly humid!  IMG_0141

It was really pretty at night along the water.

IMG_0135_2There are a couple of other hotels surrounding the lagoon.  IMG_0134

The only place left open was a pizza window so we had to eat outside but at least it was fast.

IMG_0136_2They only had cheese, pepperoni, or their special which was mushrooms, roasted garlic, and spinach.  It was good except the spinach wasn’t great on it so I picked most of it off. IMG_0132_2

There’s quite a bit to do on the boardwalk and even a little general store that had a few grocery items like milk, water, cereal, and snacks.

IMG_0133After our quick bite, we headed back to our rooms to get to bed so we could make an early start to our first day in Epcot. I’ll start working on day two immediately and get it posted within the week!


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