Day 5, Part 2- Hollywood Studios, and Epcot Ending

Ok so last post we left off at just getting to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  We were both exhausted by the time we got there so we decided we were just going to do things that were must sees/dos on our list and we both decided we wanted our last few hours at Disney World to be in Epcot.


Elsa and Anna topiaries.


We wanted to cool off for a second so we headed over to The Trolley Car Café which is the Starbucks located on Hollywood Blvd in the park.


We got a couple of smart waters which we realized helped us feel much better with the excess heat and humidity (of course we learn that at the end of the trip but oh well!) I had to grab a Jabba the Hut cupcake too. It was quite good.  The Jabba on top of the cupcake is white chocolate, which isn’t my favorite thing in the world so I think I took a bite and tossed the rest. I’d rather just have the cake part of a cupcake. I’m that weird person!


We decided there were really only a couple of things we wanted to do, the Great Movie Ride, and the Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream show and they were both at the end of the street so we headed to The Great Movie Ride first.


Having seen the outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in LA, the building looks the same.  Just different signatures in the cement!


The inside was lovely.


We enjoyed the ride very much.


Then off to see One Man’s Dream.  I was really glad we got to see this because apparently we are closing it.


There is a small museum in the lobby area for the show.


I know ours is smaller but I love our castle better.


IMG_1218 I would have loved to have been able to see the Tower of the Four Winds.  It looks so cool! Unfortunately they tossed the parts into the Hudson River (don’t quote me on that… it also could have been the Atlantic Ocean too) after the 1964 World’s Fair…


Cinderella Castle.


Another bucket list item for me is to go to Disneyland Paris.


Explorer’s Landing Fortress in Tokyo Disney Sea. That would be an amazing to see!


After getting a cool break in both attractions we made our way back (I know we missed out on a lot but we were tired and really wanted to end our trip in Epcot). We stopped quick in the Disney & Co store to get a pin and take a quick look.




We were smart this time around and went back on the boat.  Much much quicker!


With beautiful views of the Boardwalk.

My aunt and I both love Chinese food and we wanted to have a nice sit down dinner so we decided to check out the China Pavilion.


There wasn’t a wait at the Nine Dragons Restaurant so we gave it a shot.

I definitely need to come back to Disney World because there is so much we missed!


We shared the pot stickers.

Don’t ask me why but I opted for the sweet and sour pork.  It was very good but I should have been a little more adventurous.


My aunt got the Honey chicken which was A-MAZ-ING! I think we both wanted to try a couple of things so that’s why we chose these two. Luckily the honey chicken is in one of the recipe books I got.  Definitely going to try it one time and I’ll post about it when I do.


The ambiance was lovely too.


After dinner we went and got a couple of sweets at the caramel shop in the German Pavilion before heading back to our hotel.


Not sure if I mentioned already but Werther’s Original totally reminds me of my grandmother.  She loved their hard candies.


By the time we left Germany, the park was officially closed and we had to head back to our room.


The only thing that kept me from being totally depressed was that we were headed to the cruise the next morning so we had something to look forward to.


Well that ends our Disney World portion of the vacation and 1/2 of the trip down.  I hope these are easier to read now that I’m splitting them out a little more.  Let me know if you have any tips or if there’s anything you’d like to see that maybe I got to but missed posting about!


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