Day 6, Part 1- Goodbye Disney World, Hello Disney Dream!

Our last morning at the resort we got a quick breakfast at the Boardwalk Bakery while we waited for the bus to come bring us to the port for our cruise.


They had tasty looking Disney inspired desserts and pastries as well as breakfast items.


My aunt had the Mickey shaped muffin a couple of days prior and she said it was just okay but they are very cute. I want to get a mickey shaped cookie cutter to make stuff like this. (Although I’m sure these were made in a mickey shaped muffin tin.)


I was curious about the scrambled eggs in a waffle cone and was just adventurous enough to try it. It wasn’t bad. It was just a waffle cone you’d get ice cream in but filled with scrambled eggs with bacon and I think there was cheese in the eggs too.


We had a visitor too while we were eating breakfast.


My aunt and I couldn’t pass up the chance to use the photo booth on the boardwalk before we left.  It was stifling inside but it only took a minute.


Also while eating breakfast this cool Model A car drove past us.  There was a wedding on the premises and this sweet man rents out his car and chauffeur’s for the weddings at the Boardwalk.



We had some time before meeting up with the bus to head to the cruise so my aunt and I went to check it out and the man who owns the car took a picture of us in front of it.


We took our time walking back and checking out the grounds for our last time before we had to go. It really was a gorgeous place and I would love to stay there again. It is super expensive though and if I ever come back, I think we’ll have to stay somewhere cheaper unless I win the lottery… Maybe I can save up enough in 7 years for my 40th to stay at one of the nicer resorts.


Wanted to go into Seashore Sweets but ran out of time. I think they sell the same candies that every other Disney Parks candy shop sells.


We saw a family riding these bikes while we were there but it was just too hot for that kind of exercise.  Plus with one cousin having COPD we didn’t want to risk her getting worse.


Then it was time to wait by the Conference Center for our bus to Port Canaveral to get on the ship!


It took about 1/2 hour and they had a video playing about what we would experience on the cruise and it made the time fly by. Before we knew it we were approaching the ship!


This feels like a good stopping point for day six.  I will get through the rest of the day soon. I’ve already got the pictures uploaded just need to work on the post.

I hope you’re enjoying my trip report (from over a year ago!) and please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for future posts, both reports and regular posts. Thanks for reading!


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