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Day 5, Part 2- Hollywood Studios, and Epcot Ending

Ok so last post we left off at just getting to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  We were both exhausted by the time we got there so we decided we were just going to do things that were must sees/dos on our list and we both decided we wanted our last few hours at Disney World to be in Epcot.


Elsa and Anna topiaries.


We wanted to cool off for a second so we headed over to The Trolley Car Café which is the Starbucks located on Hollywood Blvd in the park.


We got a couple of smart waters which we realized helped us feel much better with the excess heat and humidity (of course we learn that at the end of the trip but oh well!) I had to grab a Jabba the Hut cupcake too. It was quite good.  The Jabba on top of the cupcake is white chocolate, which isn’t my favorite thing in the world so I think I took a bite and tossed the rest. I’d rather just have the cake part of a cupcake. I’m that weird person!


We decided there were really only a couple of things we wanted to do, the Great Movie Ride, and the Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream show and they were both at the end of the street so we headed to The Great Movie Ride first.


Having seen the outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in LA, the building looks the same.  Just different signatures in the cement!


The inside was lovely.


We enjoyed the ride very much.


Then off to see One Man’s Dream.  I was really glad we got to see this because apparently we are closing it.


There is a small museum in the lobby area for the show.


I know ours is smaller but I love our castle better.


IMG_1218 I would have loved to have been able to see the Tower of the Four Winds.  It looks so cool! Unfortunately they tossed the parts into the Hudson River (don’t quote me on that… it also could have been the Atlantic Ocean too) after the 1964 World’s Fair…


Cinderella Castle.


Another bucket list item for me is to go to Disneyland Paris.


Explorer’s Landing Fortress in Tokyo Disney Sea. That would be an amazing to see!


After getting a cool break in both attractions we made our way back (I know we missed out on a lot but we were tired and really wanted to end our trip in Epcot). We stopped quick in the Disney & Co store to get a pin and take a quick look.




We were smart this time around and went back on the boat.  Much much quicker!


With beautiful views of the Boardwalk.

My aunt and I both love Chinese food and we wanted to have a nice sit down dinner so we decided to check out the China Pavilion.


There wasn’t a wait at the Nine Dragons Restaurant so we gave it a shot.

I definitely need to come back to Disney World because there is so much we missed!


We shared the pot stickers.

Don’t ask me why but I opted for the sweet and sour pork.  It was very good but I should have been a little more adventurous.


My aunt got the Honey chicken which was A-MAZ-ING! I think we both wanted to try a couple of things so that’s why we chose these two. Luckily the honey chicken is in one of the recipe books I got.  Definitely going to try it one time and I’ll post about it when I do.


The ambiance was lovely too.


After dinner we went and got a couple of sweets at the caramel shop in the German Pavilion before heading back to our hotel.


Not sure if I mentioned already but Werther’s Original totally reminds me of my grandmother.  She loved their hard candies.


By the time we left Germany, the park was officially closed and we had to head back to our room.


The only thing that kept me from being totally depressed was that we were headed to the cruise the next morning so we had something to look forward to.


Well that ends our Disney World portion of the vacation and 1/2 of the trip down.  I hope these are easier to read now that I’m splitting them out a little more.  Let me know if you have any tips or if there’s anything you’d like to see that maybe I got to but missed posting about!


Day 5, Part 1- Downtown Disney

This is our last day at Disney World and we did a few different things I’m going to start out this post with the first half of our day which was spent at Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs which happened a few months after our trip) then the next post will be the rest of the day.

Our cousins wnated to sleep in and didn’t care to go to Downtown Disney so my aunt and I got a quick breakfast at the morning coffee bar at the hotel.




Then took the bus over to Downtown Disney. We mapped out the place and circled the shops we wanted to visit while there since it’s so big.





IMG_1091 abcd IMG_1008


IMG_1085 abcd IMG_1095


IMG_1098 abcd IMG_1099


IMG_1111 abcd IMG_1101


IMG_1102 abcd IMG_1103


IMG_1104 abcd IMG_1106


IMG_1007 abcd IMG_1109


IMG_1121 abcd IMG_1124


IMG_1127 abcd IMG_1013




IMG_1138 abcd IMG_1144


IMG_1152 abcd IMG_1119


IMG_1154 abcd IMG_1012


IMG_0998 abcd IMG_1022


IMG_1024 abcd IMG_1033




Happy 60th Birthday Disneyland

  Today marks Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary. I have been a lifelong fan of Disney and especially Disneyland. That love was inherited to me from my dad who went to Disneyland for the first time the Summer it opened so I would definitely day it is in my blood.

And while technically today is the official anniversary day, Disney used to consider the 18th the official opening day because that was the day it opened to the public. I must say I prefer thinking of the 18th being the anniversary day because that happens to be my birthday. So officially we don’t share a birthday but for me I suppose it is close enough! 

Happy birthday Disneyland! Here’s to many more magical years to come! 

More Disney Planning

So… We got together with the cousins yesterday and they do things differently than what I’m used to, so it dawned on me that I’m going to have to be creative with planning what days were spending at each park! 

That being said, I just need to accept that I can’t do everything I want to do in four days SO I am going to make a wish lists for each of the parks and the cruise and rate them from absolutely must do’s to I’d love to but I can skip it.  

Being a newby with Florida like I am, I figured we would probably do one day per park but they were saying (and a couple of friends of mine agreed) that you need at least a full day and 1/2 if you really want to experience Epcot. My cousins told me too we could skip Magic Kingdom since “it’s exactly like Disneyland.” but I can’t miss the Magic Kingdom. I need 1 day there.  Most of my can’t misses are there.  

I want to get more tips from friends that have been before but I heard from a couple of people you could get Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios done in 1/2 days so if that is the case, maybe we could do Animal Kingdom in the morning 1/2 and Hollywood Studios the 1/2 half of one of the days and that would open up a day to maybe split between Epcot and Magic Kingdom again or to go do something else, I don’t know. Again, newby here.  

I do want to get at least an hour or two in Downtown Disney so when I go see my aunt again (which will before getting back together with our cousins) I may check with her to see if we should do that the day we embark on the cruise since our embark time is 3:45 so it would leave the morning to maybe head over there to have breakfast and do some last minute shopping.

Either way, I want to get at least a little time in there and I’m definitely going to do my research and get those wish lists going.  

Another thing my cousins aren’t crazy about are Fastpasses but they aren’t experienced with them and I have more knowledge of using them at Disneyland so I think they are open to me scheduling the Fastpass times (if we decide on a plan of attack for the 4 main parks) at least for the major rides that we don’t want to miss.

So, that’s where I’m at now. 

I got a lot done on the Disney Binders but it’s still in rough draft mode but I can’t wait to get them finished to show you all! I’m really excited to make them!  It’ll be a fun little memento for the trip and I want to make sure they are nice enough that they can be a souvenir after the trip.

And one thing I wanted to mention that is off the topic of the planning part (well sort of but not really), I saw this idea on Pinterest to buy Dollar Store photo albums, the ones that are the size of a 6×4 or 5×7 picture and bring index cards that fix the album sleeves and have Disney Characters sign those and make each page of the album a picture of you with the character on one side and the signature on the other. I’m not a big character person when we go to Disneyland because you have to wait in long lines to greet them so it’s something to think about for the Disney World/ Disney Crusie trip! 

Okay I’ll leave it there but I have some great ideas I learned on Pinterest for things to do on the Cruise so I will look forward to sharing those soon too! Just need to mention it to my aunt to see if she’s interested and I’ll go from there!

Disney Trip Binder

I’ve been seeing this idea floating around Pinterest about making a binder for your Disney trip which you could really do for any trip but since that’s where I’m going and this is a Disney blog, that’s what we’re going to talk about… 

I have been watching a ton of videos and looking for information on Disney blogs for our upcoming Disney World/Disney Cruise Trip and I have to say it’s been a week so far and I am still on a high and I’m obsessed with the planning and watching videos and just Disney in general because I’m so excited that I can’t even stand it.  

Anyway I’m going to try to just stick with the subject of this topic and that is creating a Disney Trip Binder. I only decided to do this last night although I’ve been thinking about it for a few days now and while you can really do all of your planning on the My Disney Experience app that you can get for free on your iPhone and I’m sure they have it on Android or set everything up on your computer, some people don’t have smart phones and it’s good (for me at least) to have something printed out. It’s something that can be added to or rearranged and would be a great memory of the trip to add to your Disney stash (you all know you have a bunch of Disney crap around your house!).

So, I haven’t gotten started on it yet, but I will keep you updated and post pictures on my progress. For now, I’ll give you a rough draft idea of what I want to add to the binders I’m making. I’m sure parts will change and things will be added and/or condenced as I go along, but it’s better to at least have an idea to start out with.

First off I made a list of specifics I want in the book and that included:

  • an itinerary of the entire trip to add to the front to be an at a glance type of thing.
  • maps of the parks, ship, hotel, etc.
  • lists of attractions for each land in each park with a brief description of each ride (maybe including a picture of the ride/attraction).
  • lists of restaurants and menus if available for each land in each park, shops in each land/park.
  • wishlists of what each person wants to do for each land/park.
  • flight information
  • hotel information
  • bus schedules/monorail info
  • tips and must dos from friends/family
  • park hours
  • reservations for meals and fastpasses
  • important phone numbers
  • a special page to manage how many dining credits are left (we haven’t set up a Disney Dining plan yet, but we’ll figure that out this weekend)
  • activity, restaurant, shopping, etc info for cruise

Again, I’m sure there will be more to add to the list and I’ll see with the rest of the group what they wanted added.  So far I’m organizing it into the following tabs and sub tabs:

  • Itinerary/Basic Info
  • Hotel
  • Disney World
    • Magic Kingdom
    • Epcot
    • Animal Kingdom
    • Hollywood Studios
    • Boardwalk
    • Downtown Disney
  • Disney Cruise
    • Nassau
    • Castaway Cay
    • Restaurants
    • Shops
    • Activites
    • Wishlist (will go under each park for Disney World but have own tab under the Cruise Line)
    • I’m sure there will be other
  • To do/get list for the trip
  • Packing list

I can’t wait to get supplies to start work on the binders. 1/2 of the fun is in the planning. Up next I should have the update on the meetings I’ve gone to from the last one I talked about and I hope to have the binders at least started and details on where we’re staying and hopefully some of what we plan to do. 

BIG News!

Sorry for having such a long hiatus from the blog. I am working on a recap of the Disney meetings I have been to between my last post and now and a post of my loot from my last trip to Disneyland (which wasn’t really a trip TO Disneyland, we just happened to go one day while we were visiting my cousin), and I’m coming up with more ideas so I’m writing here more frequently.

So guess what?  I just got invited to go on a trip to DISNEY WORLD including a 4 day trip on a DISNEY CRUISE in June. I’m so freaking excited I can’t even express it properly.  Never in a million years did I think I would do either of those things.  I have all of these questions going on in my head on what I need, what I have to prepare to do, what I need to get, etc.  I got my days in already and it’s all official.

My aunt and two of our cousins went in to AAA to just talk about it and they just went with and my aunt called me up and asked if I would like to go and the rest is history. We have a 4 day park hopper and a 4 night cruise.  There is so much to plan but I will keep you all updated on our itinerary and I’m working on a long update of the past Neverland Disney meeting’s I have attended that should be up soon, but for now I have to get off to bed since I’m heading to the Bay Area for a baby shower tomorrow!

Good night!!!

Quick Update

Hi there!  I just wanted to give a quick update and let you know that I’m working on a few posts for this blog. I’ve just been procrastinating along with being a bit busy but I am working on stuff for this blog and I spent a day in Disneyland last week so check back to see a day trip post really soon!

I hope everyone had a happy and save Thanksgiving!