Disney Favorites

As with any Disney fan, there are a lot of different “favorites” that we like to read/watch/listen to to get our “Disney fix” so I thought I’d give you a list of my favorite Disney Blogs, Podcasts, Book, Music, Etc. I am constantly finding new stuff so please check back often. I’ll also make a note when I update them so you know to come and check it out.


Confessions of a DisNerd– I love this blog. I only recently found it because a friend of mine shared a post of theirs on Facebook about growing up loving Disney and being made fun of by people who dont’ get it.  This blog really spoke to me in that sense. This blog truly “gets it.”

Disney Tourist Blog– I’ve been following this blog for a while now and they have a lot of great review and tips more often of Disney World, but they do get into Disneyland as well. They also have great tips for taking photography for different things all over the parks as well as recommendations of different cameras they’ve used.


Window to the Magic– My #1 favorite Disney podcast. Over the years it has been primarily Disneyland based but recently they started adding Disney World into the mix. Most of the episodes are audio adventures going through the parks with amazing sound quailty. It’s best to listen to this podcast with headphones as they use binaural audio (makes you feel like you’re there).

WTTM 24 – A special series that Window to the Magic has done twice so far where they have 2 people recording their ENTIRE day in Disneyland, sometimes splitting off into two seperate groups. It’s important to listen to listen to with headphones becasue when they split off, you hear one group in one ear, and other group in the other ear. As far as I know, they are the only people to do this and I know it sounds odd but I listen to it ALL THE TIME. You almost feel like you’re going along with them. It’s a lot of fun, trust me if you love Disneyland, try it out!

Books –



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