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Day 7, Part 1- Tour of Nassau

Our first stop on the Disney Dream cruise was to Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. I totally forgot to mention that the doors (except for on the concierge level) are magnetized and a bunch of people decorate their doors.  We got some magnets at the parks specifically for that reason but people go all out with their doors.


My aunt and I were the only ones going to visit Nassau as Georgette still wasn’t feeling great so they rested and explored the ship while we explored Nassau. But first, breakfast.  We went back down to The Enchanted Garden as they had a breakfast buffet as well and it was closer to the exit of the ship.


Onto our first visit to the Bahamas.


There were three ships docked and ours was easily the largest.


We were so excited as neither of us has visited the Bahamas before.

We were a little overwhelmed because we had no excursions or anything planned but we thought we’d walk around near the ship look at a couple of shops and head back before lunch.  We were quickly bombarded with a lot of people offering tours of the island and we just kept saying no thank you.

We got to a square past all of the bustle and were about two seconds away from calling it quits and there was one guy nearby that had 6 people ready to go on a 2 hour tour and he just felt genuine to us so we decided to give it a go and it was the best decision we made that day.


He told us all about the history of the Bahamas, specifically Nassau Island and how the slaves had to carve roads between the limestone that inhabited the island.


Our first stop was at the bottom of the Queen’s Staircase.


He dropped us off at the foot of the stairs and drove to the top to pick us up.



It was absolutely breathtaking.  It almost looked like something you’d see in a jungle with all of the greenery.




That’s a lot of stairs… But we decided to give it a go.  We just took our time and stopped at each landing.


The Queen’s Staircase is named after Queen Victoria.  The staircase was hand carved by slaves to get stones up the hill to build Fort Fincastle.




The stairs were named in the Queen’s honor as she signed a declaration to abolish slavery.

At the top of the stairs are a few shopping options and a café.


The Water Tower is also located just next to Fort Fincastle.  It is the highest point on the island. You can go to the top of the water tower but that wasn’t on the agenda for the tour.



The shops had a bunch or touristy things but I ended up getting a fan for my mom and a little grass weaved bag for my sister-in-law.



Fort Fincastle overlooked Nassau and Paradise Island.  It was originally used as a lighthouse on the island then became a signal station.


Our next stop was hopping over to Paradise Island to explore the Atlantis Resort.


They have a dolphin pool you can pay to swim with dolphins.

The arch between these two towers is a suite all itself and our tour guide told us Michael Jackson stayed there at one point.  I thought he said it was around $25,000 per night and looking the suite up online I wouldn’t be surprised.


We were dropped off at the front of the hotel to explore for 20 minutes. IMG_1322

They had some pretty fancy shops down from the lobby.  Nothing I could certainly afford to shop in!  IMG_1333

Further down was the casino.
And this interesting glass sculpture.


We decided to try our hand on the slots for a minute.

And very quickly lost $20 each but that’s okay, it was fun! I got to say I gambled in the Bahamas at least!

After that, it was time to get back on for the remainder of the tour.


I am going to stop there and will continue with the rest of the tour of the Bahamas in the next blog post.  I hope you’re enjoying my VERY old trip report and am trying hard to get it all caught up because before I know it I’ll be on my next trip to Disneyland in one month!


Day 6, Part 3- Dinner and a Movie

Okay I have to get this trip report done because I have another trip report for a year ago in February and I will be going to Disneyland again in November so I have a lot to do! My computer wasn’t working for a while so I did have to go on hiatus for that and this year has just been a really rough year for me and my brother.  I don’t want to get into it here because I’ve talked about it already on my other blog so you can catch up over there…

This blog I want to be about happy times so onto the rest of our first day on board the Disney Dream!

So after a big of a rest, my aunt and I went to go see the live action Cinderella movie while our cousins rested.  Georgette was feeling under the weather from her COPD and the humidity in the air so she wasn’t up to a movie.


We took a quick walk outside to see the ocean on our way to the theatre.

IMG_1177_2 IMG_1170_2

It was big commercial sized theatre and you can purchase popcorn, candy, etc but we decided not too since it wasn’t really worth it.


We loved the Frozen short they played before the movie. I saw the movie before with my mother so I already knew I liked the movie but my aunt really wanted to see it as Cinderella was her favorite princess growing up.


After the movie, we went to use the restroom nearby and I loved the Mickey Mouse mirrors!


We went back to our room to get dressed and grab our cousins and saw that turn down service had already happened and our person made a crab for us out of the blanket on our bed. You get a “Navigator” which was a schedule of the activities happening for the following day.


We walked by the nursery on our way to dinner which is so adorably themed to It’s a Small World.


Some of the prints on the wall are animated including this one which looked like a ship during a storm. I should have gotten video of one of the paintings.


Can you spot Mickey? This is part of the outside cover of the main elevators on the ship.


The main elevators also have cool Mickey hands pointing to what level the elevators are on.


The germaphobe in me loves that they hand wet wipes to EVERYONE who goes into the restaurants to avoid people getting sick which is apparently a common thing on cruise lines… Our first night’s for our rotational dinner was at the Enchanted Garden and unfortunately Georgette just wasn’t feeling up to joining us for dinner and decided to get some rest.


The “windows” would show daylight or night time depending on the time of day. Also, pretty cool Mickey fountain!


The flower lights opened and closed depending on the time of day as well.

Happy and hungry!


We loved our servers.  They were just the nicest and they really get to know you and your preferences especially if you have any allergies. They were very sad that Georgette wasn’t able to make it that night either. They seemed very concerned that she wasn’t feeling well.  She was definitely missed at dinner.


The bread selection was country currant bread with chickpea-garlic puree which was very delicious. Interesting pairing but it worked. If they didn’t have butter already on the table, they would give it to you if you asked but I’m pretty sure that was on the table as well.



For my appetizer I chose the Applewood Smoked Bacon Wild Mushroom Tart with Creamy Leeks. It was delicious and quite rich for an appetizer but that didn’t stop me!


Up next I had a spinach and raspberry salad which was okay but not great.


For my entrée, I chose the Slow Roasted Prime Rib and I NEVER get prime rib but it sounded really good to me that night and holy cow was it! It came with roasted vegetables and a stuffed potato. I got the end piece too which is supposed to be a good piece to get.


Each restaurant has a selection of desserts and each night they have a choice called Sweet Temptations which gives you three of their desserts in mini form which I what I decided to get as those looked interesting to me.  They included a Sacher Torte which I believe was the one on the right, a no sugar added strawberry cheesecake, and a Esterhazy cake… They were delicious but I could have passed on the cheesecake. It’s not my favorite thing in the world.


We were all stuffed after dessert and decided to end the night and head back up to our rooms for more adventures the next day.


This ship is just one of the most magical places I have ever seen and I think I might be ruined for other cruise lines in the future. I may have to save up for Disney if I ever want to go on another…



The lobby is just so stunning.


Okay that marks the end of day six of our Disney trip and the first night of our Disney Cruise and I’m only over 2 years late… If you want to see what’s been going on in my life, check out the link at the top of the page and you can catch up on my regular blog.

Day 6, Part 2- Onboard the Disney Dream

Well, hello again! I’m finally getting on to part two of our first day on the ship.  My family is dealing with a lot right now most notably my sister-in-law lost her battle with colon cancer last month so it’s been kind of hard to be distracted with anything else… Anyway on to part deux!


So for whatever reason, we were able to take a shortcut into the side entrance of the check-in building and made our way through carryon bag check then up the huge escalators to the check-in stations.


Once we got upstairs we made our way through the lines so we could get onto the ship.

The Disney Cruise Line logo frosted into the “porthole” windows. Check in was pretty quick and before we knew it, we were ready to head onto the ship!


I was sporting some Little Mermaid décor posing in front of a scale model of the first Disney Cruise Ship built, the Disney Magic.

The backside of the model shows the rooms other stuff inside of the ship.


Okay, finally we were off through the big yellow Mickey Ears to get on the ship!


One you go through mickey’s ears you get in line to have your picture taken, then you give the announcer your party’s name and they announce your arrival onto the ship.



The very first thing we did was make a beeline for our room to check it out and drop off our carryon luggage.


We had a lovely room with a partial view veranda.


We got the Bon Voyage package thinking that it would be more than it was but it was still neat to see.


The bathroom is split into two rooms.  One is a sink and toilet and the other a sink and bath/shower so two people can get ready at the same time.



The bed was super comfortable.


The lamps had map shades with little castles on the locations of each of the Disney parks.


The back of the sofa turns down to make a bed but my aunt and I just decided to share the queen sized bed since it was plenty big.

We loved having the veranda too.  This is what a partial veranda looks like.  The others have dividers between the rooms and full view without that curve you see. We didn’t mind it at all though. Felt like we had a little privacy.

IMG_1291 IMG_1292

After dropping out stuff off, we went to our cousins’ room to get them to go upstairs to lunch at Cabanas, the main buffet restaurant.

We surprised them for their anniversary with a hidden Mickey boquet.


And some white zinfandel.

Then we were off to lunch.  There are several elevators but the main elevators in the middle of the ship are the only ones that go to all floors.  Being that we were at the way back of the ship, we took the closest ones and it brought us right up to the restaurant.

Cabanas is tropical themed with a lot of influence from Finding Nemo.


Nigel from Finding Nemo was there to greet you as you came off of the elevator.


You see wall sand sculptures of each of the park castles when you enter the restaurant.


I ran and got us a table while our cousins checked out the food.  They had a ton of options to chose from and it was all pretty good.


There was a beautiful Finding Nemo mosaic alone one of the walls.


And the time zones of all of the Disney parks.


I tried a few different random things as you can see and I’m sure I went for more.  We were starving and dinner was at 8 so we had a bit of time.


By the time we got back to the room, our ship was off and running.  We decided to rest for a minute then go and see a movie before dinner.IMG_1156

I’m going to stop there and finish up the rest of day one in my next post which will come much sooner, I promise!


Day 6, Part 1- Goodbye Disney World, Hello Disney Dream!

Our last morning at the resort we got a quick breakfast at the Boardwalk Bakery while we waited for the bus to come bring us to the port for our cruise.


They had tasty looking Disney inspired desserts and pastries as well as breakfast items.


My aunt had the Mickey shaped muffin a couple of days prior and she said it was just okay but they are very cute. I want to get a mickey shaped cookie cutter to make stuff like this. (Although I’m sure these were made in a mickey shaped muffin tin.)


I was curious about the scrambled eggs in a waffle cone and was just adventurous enough to try it. It wasn’t bad. It was just a waffle cone you’d get ice cream in but filled with scrambled eggs with bacon and I think there was cheese in the eggs too.


We had a visitor too while we were eating breakfast.


My aunt and I couldn’t pass up the chance to use the photo booth on the boardwalk before we left.  It was stifling inside but it only took a minute.


Also while eating breakfast this cool Model A car drove past us.  There was a wedding on the premises and this sweet man rents out his car and chauffeur’s for the weddings at the Boardwalk.



We had some time before meeting up with the bus to head to the cruise so my aunt and I went to check it out and the man who owns the car took a picture of us in front of it.


We took our time walking back and checking out the grounds for our last time before we had to go. It really was a gorgeous place and I would love to stay there again. It is super expensive though and if I ever come back, I think we’ll have to stay somewhere cheaper unless I win the lottery… Maybe I can save up enough in 7 years for my 40th to stay at one of the nicer resorts.


Wanted to go into Seashore Sweets but ran out of time. I think they sell the same candies that every other Disney Parks candy shop sells.


We saw a family riding these bikes while we were there but it was just too hot for that kind of exercise.  Plus with one cousin having COPD we didn’t want to risk her getting worse.


Then it was time to wait by the Conference Center for our bus to Port Canaveral to get on the ship!


It took about 1/2 hour and they had a video playing about what we would experience on the cruise and it made the time fly by. Before we knew it we were approaching the ship!


This feels like a good stopping point for day six.  I will get through the rest of the day soon. I’ve already got the pictures uploaded just need to work on the post.

I hope you’re enjoying my trip report (from over a year ago!) and please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for future posts, both reports and regular posts. Thanks for reading!

Disney Trip Binder

I’ve been seeing this idea floating around Pinterest about making a binder for your Disney trip which you could really do for any trip but since that’s where I’m going and this is a Disney blog, that’s what we’re going to talk about… 

I have been watching a ton of videos and looking for information on Disney blogs for our upcoming Disney World/Disney Cruise Trip and I have to say it’s been a week so far and I am still on a high and I’m obsessed with the planning and watching videos and just Disney in general because I’m so excited that I can’t even stand it.  

Anyway I’m going to try to just stick with the subject of this topic and that is creating a Disney Trip Binder. I only decided to do this last night although I’ve been thinking about it for a few days now and while you can really do all of your planning on the My Disney Experience app that you can get for free on your iPhone and I’m sure they have it on Android or set everything up on your computer, some people don’t have smart phones and it’s good (for me at least) to have something printed out. It’s something that can be added to or rearranged and would be a great memory of the trip to add to your Disney stash (you all know you have a bunch of Disney crap around your house!).

So, I haven’t gotten started on it yet, but I will keep you updated and post pictures on my progress. For now, I’ll give you a rough draft idea of what I want to add to the binders I’m making. I’m sure parts will change and things will be added and/or condenced as I go along, but it’s better to at least have an idea to start out with.

First off I made a list of specifics I want in the book and that included:

  • an itinerary of the entire trip to add to the front to be an at a glance type of thing.
  • maps of the parks, ship, hotel, etc.
  • lists of attractions for each land in each park with a brief description of each ride (maybe including a picture of the ride/attraction).
  • lists of restaurants and menus if available for each land in each park, shops in each land/park.
  • wishlists of what each person wants to do for each land/park.
  • flight information
  • hotel information
  • bus schedules/monorail info
  • tips and must dos from friends/family
  • park hours
  • reservations for meals and fastpasses
  • important phone numbers
  • a special page to manage how many dining credits are left (we haven’t set up a Disney Dining plan yet, but we’ll figure that out this weekend)
  • activity, restaurant, shopping, etc info for cruise

Again, I’m sure there will be more to add to the list and I’ll see with the rest of the group what they wanted added.  So far I’m organizing it into the following tabs and sub tabs:

  • Itinerary/Basic Info
  • Hotel
  • Disney World
    • Magic Kingdom
    • Epcot
    • Animal Kingdom
    • Hollywood Studios
    • Boardwalk
    • Downtown Disney
  • Disney Cruise
    • Nassau
    • Castaway Cay
    • Restaurants
    • Shops
    • Activites
    • Wishlist (will go under each park for Disney World but have own tab under the Cruise Line)
    • I’m sure there will be other
  • To do/get list for the trip
  • Packing list

I can’t wait to get supplies to start work on the binders. 1/2 of the fun is in the planning. Up next I should have the update on the meetings I’ve gone to from the last one I talked about and I hope to have the binders at least started and details on where we’re staying and hopefully some of what we plan to do.